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Vanesa Rodríguez-Galindo

Siempre que enseñes, enseña a la vez a dudar de lo que enseñas
José Ortega y Gasset

Vanesa has taught and designed courses in art and cultural history at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level in Spain and in the United States. She has supervised student coursework and research on a wide variety of subjects from Miami street art to nineteenth-century urban photography. She has lectured at Florida International University and at the Miami University of Art and Design and  is also a certified instructor of higher education by Spain’s National Agency for Quality Assessment. She currently lectures on Spanish literature and cultural history at the University of Bristol 


Vanesa has received training in the most recent pedagogical methods and has taught in different modalities including large-group lectures, small research seminars, and online and blended instruction. She has participated in professional development workshops devoted to active learning techniques, global learning, diversity and culturally responsive teaching, and online teaching strategies. These strategies enhance the classroom experience and prepare students for their future professional environments.


Vanesa encourages students to gain first-hand experience with objects and archival materials in order to better understand the historical context in which they were produced. She has conducted classes at museums, libraries, and sometimes even brings artifacts to class. An important element of her teaching consists in showing students that knowledge of the past and of different cultures is a valuable tool in understanding ourselves, others and our surroundings. In short, it is a way of questioning why we see things the way we do. This kind of long-lasting learning helps promote social responsibility and equality at a grassroots level. 


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